Spiritual Clothing

Everything is energy, clothes too!

Divine Harmony helps you in this diffusion of beautiful energies and in your spiritual awakening according to the needs of each one.

Divine Harmony helps you through clothes to shine, to find balance, harmony, love, wisdom, peace and connection to yourself.

Thought is creative, the clothes of Divine Harmony are imagined in connection with luminous beings, in guidance and intuition, to bring you the energies you need.

The power of intention, each creation has been imagined and then materialized according to an intention to diffuse positive energies and which are specific to each model.

We create clothes that will bring you positive energies and positively impact your aura. They will help you feel good!

Here are all the elements that have an energy impact on clothing:

  • Intention, idea, creation at the start
  • Shape
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Prints and embroidery
  • All the actors who will have participated in the creation of the clothes: Clothing factory, designer, designer, order picker, delivery person, saleswoman.

Here are all the energies present in this first collection: the Chakras, the Flower of Life, the Yin & Yang, and Divine Harmony.

The 7 Chakras

Chakras are energy centers that we all have.

Each of them corresponds to a color and a symbol that characterizes it.

Here are the 7 main ones, there are many others:

  • Root
  • Sacred
  • Solar plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • 3rd eye
  • Coronal

Wearing one of the Chakras garments will harmonize and balance the corresponding Chakra.

Helps to remove blockages, wounds, and to recharge the corresponding energies.

Root Chakra

I exist.
Survival and material necessities.
Connection to Gaia, the Earth.

Helps to anchor us on Earth, to be more down to earth and present, to reestablish the connection with our body. (Work, finance, realistic and reasonable).

Disturbance leads to: Depression, selfishness, high blood pressure, heavy legs, tendency to dream too much, low libido, insecurity.

Related to the body: Physics
Sense: Smell
Element: Earth
Position on the body: Pubis
Colours: Red
Stone: Coral, Red Jasper
Symbol: Lotus with 4 petals

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Sacral Chakra

I smell.
Circulation, life force
Joy and Pleasure

Helps to let go, increases creativity, intuition, balances sexuality and emotions.

Disturbance leads to: excess libido, infertility, emotional instability, kidney problem, digestion problem.

Body-Related: Etheric
Sense: Taste
Element: Water
Position on the body: Below the navel (ovaries and testicles)
Colours: Orange
Stone: Carnelian
Symbol: Lotus with 6 petals

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Solar Plexus Chakra

I want.
Balanced emotions.

Brings energy, warmth and light, self-confidence, transformation of the self through personal power, good digestion.

Dysregulation leads to: Excessive control, indecisiveness, lack of self-confidence.

Related to the body: Astral
Sense: Touch
Element: Fire
Position on the body: 8cm above the navel
Colors: Yellow
Stone: Yellow citrine, amber
Symbol: Lotus with 10 petals

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heart chakra

I like
Balanced emotions.
Opening of the Heart Chakra.
Connection to Divine, unconditional love.

Helps to receive pure, authentic love, and to diffuse it around us.

Disturbance leads to: heart problem, indifference, jealousy, anger.

Related to the body: Mental
Sense: Touch
Element: Air
Position on the body: At the level of the heart
Colours: Green
Stone: Malachite
Symbol: Lotus with 12 petals

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Throat Chakra

I express

Helps to express oneself in a fluid and authentic way, to express one's creativity. Connection to the truth of his soul.

Disturbance leads to: thyroid problem, headaches, ear problem, neck pain, communication problem, fear of rejection.

Body-Related: Causal
Sense: Hearing
Element: Ether (Heavenly space)
Position on the body: At the level of the hollow of the throat
Colors: Turquoise
Stone: Turquoise
Symbol: Lotus with 16 petals

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3rd eye chakra

I see
Intuition, Wisdom, discernment, awakening, clarity and inspiration.
Connection to our intuition and our guides.

Helps to receive messages from beings of light and from our soul: Clairvoyance.
Make your choices consciously and aligned with your deepest being.

Dysregulation leads to: neurological disorders, eye problems, sinusitis, migraines, rejection of spirituality or its opposite, therefore all that is material, very materialistic or loss of reality, lack of personality, follows others without asking questions , disinterest in knowledge.

Body-Related: Causal
Meaning: Sight
Element: Spirit
Position on the body: Between the eyebrows
Colours: Indigo
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Symbol: Lotus with 96 petals

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Crown Chakra

I know
Spirituality, wisdom, mindfulness, purity, self-knowledge, serenity.

Connection to the divine energies at the source, to the universal consciousness.
Allows to receive energies of pure love and light in an infinite way.

Dysregulation leads to: Sensation of lack, disconnection, frustration, indecision, loss of memory, loss of identity.

Related to the body: Divine
Sense: 6th sense
Element: Vibration
Position on the body: At the top of the head, in the center.
Colours: Purple
Stone: Amethyst
Symbol: Lotus with 1000 petals (uncountable)

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Flower of Life

Sacred geometry, symbol of creation, of life.

Helps healing, finding harmony and divine balance.

Balances all of the chakras.

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Feminine energy: black, negative, lunar, passive, emotion, material, night, cold, water, rest, deep, interior, unconscious, matter.

Masculine energy: white color, positive, solar, action, mental, immaterial, day, hot, fire, activity, superficial, external, conscious, energy.

Association of the two = Perfect balance = universal law of creation.

Wearing one of the Yin & Yang garments balances feminine and masculine energies.

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Divine Harmony

Double intertwined infinity sign. Sacred Geometry.

The immensity of infinity and its perfection.

Connection to the source, to divine creation.

Helps to find harmony and divine balance.

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