In Harmony with Nature

Respecting our planet also has an energetic impact on the clothes created.

Each element must be in harmony with nature so that beautiful and positive energies emerge from the clothes. Gaia, our earth sees to that. If we send her love and respect her, she will do the same in return. It is a Law of the Universe: Resonance.

We respect the environment by using natural, biodegradable and organic or recycled materials, without printing or toxic washing on the clothes, as well as the dressmaking in France, Portugal and Italie.

Natural materials spread positive and high vibrational energies unlike synthetic materials which have a fairly low or even negative vibrational frequency.

Chemical treatments also impregnate materials and fibers with negative energies.

The choice to make small quantities is part of this same approach.

There is no over-stocking, in order to avoid over-consumption and dead stocks.

Overconsumption is harmful for human beings as well as for our planet.

The sale will be made until stocks end.

Clothes receive the love and value that we have for them and then diffuse them like a mirror effect.

There will be a permanent collection with new items each season.

We ensure that our materials and manufacturers have certifications that respect people, our planet and materials:

GOTS : Production and transformation processes that respect the environment. Respect and improvement of working conditions. Use of organic fibers.
OEKO-TEX : Guarantees the safety of textiles or products used during the production process, for humans and the environment.
GRS : Guarantees that recycled textiles meet environmental and social criteria.
LWG : Sustainable and responsible leather production. Ensures sustainability, environmental and social responsibility of leather production.
FSC : Papers from sustainable forest management.