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Crown Chakra Bracelet in Amethyst

Crown Chakra Bracelet in Amethyst

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Bracelet made of 6mm Amethyst stones measuring 8.5cm

Product Details

Amethyst tumbled stones from Brazil.

Delivered in its Divine Harmonie Jacquard pouch, recycled and made in France.

Composition: 56% Recycled Cotton - 35% Recycled Polyester (bottles) - 4% Other Recycled Fibers - 5% Cotton

GRS certified


Crown Chakra

I know

Spirituality, wisdom, mindfulness, purity, self-knowledge, serenity.

Connection to divine energies at source, to universal consciousness.

Allows you to receive energies of love and pure light.

Element: Vibration

Wearing the Crown Chakra Bracelet will help you balance this Chakra.

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Properties of Amethyst

Stimulates the Coronal Chakra.

Purifies the mind, brings appeasement, calm, creativity, balance and wisdom.

Transform negativity into positivity.

Helps you to be the best version of yourself, spiritual elevation.

Physically: remove the body of its emotional and mental memories, active on numerous organs and illnesses. Useful against addictions.

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